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New Sectional for a New “Remodel” Home

October 23, 2015
Here is Andrew Belanich sitting on the Milano’s Light Grey Modern Microfiber Sectional.
The Belanich family recently purchased a home with an Incredible view of Mission Bay, CA with the intent for a remodel.  Andrew was responsible for assisting his parents, David and Jasna, in discovering Savvy Living Furniture and the Sectional of their dreams.  There is no need to shop elsewhere when we have everything you need, and even if we don’t carry it, we will find it for you!!!
We love the saying, “You wouldn’t buy a new car and put the old car interior back in!!!”
Whether you are buying a new home or renting a new home be sure to furnish it with furniture you dream of.  Savvy Living Furniture will assist you in any way possible.
Best Quality, Best Prices, Best Customer Service.
Milano's Modern Microfiber Sectional (1)

New Bed for a New Home The final reveal!
New Bed for a New Home
The final reveal!


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