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COVID, Christmas, and the Furniture Industry

     As of today’s date, there are only 14 days until Christmas which means you have to make the purchase within 10 days if you want it delivered before the Holiday… Only TEN shopping days remaining.  So, what does this have to do with COVID?  Everything!  And here’s why… Nearly all furniture companies, which includes the manufacturers and retailers, are running below 30% inventory. We all are used to having choices and since there is little inventory it greatly reduces our choices. Normally I carry around 50-bedroom sets, and, as of today I only have 14 available. COVID has made inventory a huge problem, almost everything is “out of stock” with no accurate arrival date in the near future.  Regardless of ETA, if it is not in stock it will not be here before Christmas.

     COVID has also driven up prices.  With insufficient warehouse workers and high demand for shipping, train and trucking freight, the product costs have drastically increased over the last 8 months.  Although all, not just furniture, retail prices have increased 15-30% during COVID, do not let this stop you from making purchases now.  These price increases have no end in sight. Product prices will continue to rise. The law of supply and demand has taken over; so, with less inventory, huge demand, and fewer workers, the prices will continue to rise.

      COVID has changed all our lives permanently.  It’s effect on retail has only just begun.  Remember the rush to gather toilet paper and hygienic supplies? Well, that example will continue to curse and expand in all of retail including furniture.  If you see something you like… buy it!  Because it probably won’t be there tomorrow.  In the last 10 days I have had 11 customers call for inventory on a product which was in stock when they called.  When they called back 1-2 days later it was sold out.  As a reminder, “If you see something you like… buy it!”

       One last warning; there is a lot of junk furniture out there.  With the current high demand and lack of workers they are making below average products in an attempt to produce quickly.  Be sure you use a retailer you trust.  The smaller retailer has less overhead resulting in lower prices, few pushy sales people, and higher quality products.  When it comes to furniture “you get what you pay for”.  If you see a sectional on my site for $2000 and see the same photo elsewhere for $1500, I promise you it’s not the same product… merely the same photo.  So, make sure you are comparing “apples to apples” when shopping for your home furnishings. Savvy Living Furniture has “5 Star” reviews on Yelp and Google.  With over 8 years in the business, we know the best manufacturers and offer the best service.  What other company offers Assembly and Package Removal for only $50?!?!  No one!

       The final review on purchases during COVID.  This epidemic is not going away anytime soon.  We are already approaching the 1-year mark.  This epidemic will be continuing for many years to come.  Prices are going up so don’t delay, buy now.  Inventory is very low so if you like it and it’s in stock, Buy it!  Rather than waste your time on price shopping, spend your time review shopping.  If you are going to make a purchase read the yelp and google reviews… ALWAYS! The reviews are from real people like yourselves who have shared their experience.  You will get more information in just a few minutes from reading the reviews.  If you are concerned about a manufacturers’ quality of product feel free to call us.  Even if it is not our product, we know the manufacturers’ and will tell you if it is good or not.  At Savvy Living Furniture we want to help you purchase the products you want, not the products you are being sold.  Call us, we will help you.

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